My drawings have a mystery leaving space for viewer interpretation. Just as the meanings of our lives have numerous interpretations. Moments in time and timeless thoughts are constantly coming together, winding, unravelling and reweaving into a newer more surprising picture, one that can not be predicted or defined entirely. My work is a reflection of the same ebb and tide. In it, I try and weave, hints of meaning. Ahmad.

Untitled Untitled
Rain in Aleppo Rain in Aleppo
Happy Koala Happy Koala
Allah-Corrugated board. Allah-Corrugated board.
Allah-Black Matt Allah-Black Matt
Still Missing Still Missing
Lincoln Lincoln
Bonding Bonding
A1 A1
Cancer Moon Shot Cancer Moon Shot
Meanwhile in Syria: Dying Bird Singing to the Moon. Meanwhile in Syria: Dying Bird Singing to the Moon.
Another Tragedy Another Tragedy
Endangered. Endangered.
The Lie The Lie
Boat Over Bridge Boat Over Bridge
White House with Black Windows. White House with Black Windows.
Teacher Teacher
Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor
Lahore: Mar 2016 Lahore: Mar 2016
Connected Connected
Salutation Salutation
Untitled Untitled
Love for all Love for all
One One
Removing Barbed Wires from Fences. Removing Barbed Wires from Fences.
Untitled Untitled
InJest InJest
Entangled Entangled
Painted Ceiling Painted Ceiling
Long Journey Long Journey
Tortuosity of Thought Tortuosity of Thought
Rome Rome
Petition Petition
Night and Day. Night and Day.
Fountain. Fountain.
Chessboard. 4×6 Inch. Chessboard. 4×6 Inch.
Diamond in the rough. Diamond in the rough.
Cold is Gold. Cold is Gold.
Hiding behind my mistakes. Hiding behind my mistakes.
Warrior Warrior
Time to start Time to start
Sleepyhead Sleepyhead
Consumed by the Waves, Aylan Kurdi Consumed by the Waves, Aylan Kurdi
Lend nature a hand. Lend nature a hand.
Scholarship. Scholarship.
Ideas Swirl Ideas Swirl
Concern Concern
Adding a ring Adding a ring
Baqara:21 Baqara:21
Luminary Luminary
Introspection Introspection
Stargazer Stargazer
Happy Earth Day Happy Earth Day
Portrait Portrait
Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate.
Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy.
Hologram Theory. Hologram Theory.